Meet the Founders
Dear Supporters, Friends of ARM and Role Models:

Thank you for being accountable for our most precious gift: Children who need our love and support. I am committed to serving the Protégés along with their family to ensure a safe, healthy, and clean environment that will help them learn and grow to be all they can be with the right support, guidance, and love to survive in these challenging times in the world today. This newsletter comes as ARM history of our invest in the lives of African American males from single-female headed-household. The activities both fun an educational has proven to be the right ingredients to obtain the attention of the Protégés, to make a difference and to encourage our youth for their validation of the love we give including the commitment in supporting ARM’s programs and activities from its inception in 1992 to its present timing of 2014. We Are marching BOLDLY in the future to groom productive citizens who will make a difference in this world and return to continue the legacy and mission of the Adopt-A-Role Model program.


With Much Love,


Tina Dennard, Founder


Dear Role Models, Past & Present Supports of ARM:

As the Co-Founder of the Adopt-A-Role Model program my plans are to continue to encourage the involvement of parents. It is extremely important that parents are involved in the pre and early education of our children. As an education professional and advocate I want to see our children arrive at school with basic skills and readiness. We must continue to educate our parents on the importance of early educational intervention if our children are going to have a chance at educational success. We must recruit educators trained in early childhood education from our local schools to volunteer in this endeavor. It is time the entire community got involve in serving our children.


Lousi Childers, MSW Co-Founder ARM


Dear Friends of ARM:

I know that many times during the year, you are called upon for assistance. ARM is, now conducting an annual drive to support its many activities for our boys. This drive offers the public and business the opportunity to contribute to a cause which has helped to curb juvenile delinquency and helped youngsters to build good character and citizenship.

The boys who come to ARM are troubled and face problems too difficult for them to resolve without help. Some are going through very hard times. They are struggling with feelings of confusion, frustration, sadness and anger. Their successes are few and far between.

Our job at ARM is to provide assistance and guidance. We extend the helping hands that our boys and their families need at a crucial time in their lives. WE provide field trips as rewards, uniforms for a sense of togetherness, community activities as a sense of belonging.

We have the capability of providing a large measure of love and special care that is badly needed for some of our boys. This is true because of the support given to us over many years by so many people. People that have compassion for our boys. This support is in the form of modest gifts and bequests. Any contribution that you can make would be most welcome and appreciated.


Ulysses Finney, Chairman


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