The Mission:
To reduce the incidences of negative behavior and to positively affect and enhance the likelihood of at risk African-American boys being meaningful, productive, and successful citizens through mentoring and exposure. The Protégé chooses a Role Model whose occupation and/or hobbies are similar to his aspirations. The Role Model spends a minimum of one hundred hours within a one-year period with his adopted youth.
The Objectives:
1) To provide African-American males with conscientious and positive Role Models in an effort to steer them toward meaningful employment, good citizenship, and being sound family members.
2) To illustrate to the community that there are a great number of responsible African-American adult males who are productive, conscientious, caring, and committed to the well-being of both the black community and the general community.
3) To serve as a reference source for other groups, agencies, and organizations that have a need to identify members of this group.
The Target Group:
Young African-American males’ youth between the ages of 6 and 11 who are from female-headed households living in public housing.
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