Mock Adoption Oath/Ceremony

The Mock Adoption Oath is an adoption administering the oath for the Protégés and Role Models to carry out their commitment. IT came alone because there was a genuine need in the Macon-Middle Georgia area, and throughout this nation, for strong, willing and able African-American men to present themselves as role models to deserving African-American youth; and whereas certain distinguished men in the Macon Middle Georgia community have answered this call be making themselves available for adoption as role models be certain deserving young men, all of whom are posing in the pictures.

On Tuesday, November 15, 2005 over twenty-eight (28) protégés adopted their role models. Meanwhile, Mayor C. Jack Ellis (one of ARM’s role models) administered and signed the Mock Adoption Oath, declaring the Role Models and Protégés as mentors and adoptee to carry out their commitment to this day forward. This event is where the Protégés choose whom they want to be their Role Models and after the Mock Adoption Oath, has been signed then the Protégés have officially adopted their mentor (Role Model). The youth encouraged to “adopt a Role Model” whose occupation and/or hobbies are similar to their aspirations.

Each adoption is administered after each training session and during November 2006 the ceremony will be administered by board chairman Ulysses Finney.

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