Adopt-A-Role Model Program Scholarship Fund – (Planning Stage)

The Adopt-A-Role Model program has created a Scholarship fund for its Protégés in the program. This fund will help Protégés who will be soon going off to college to earn a degree.

Your contribution towards this fund will enable you to have your name placed on our “Friends of ARM” list which is located at our office facility. But more importantly, your contribution enables our Protégés to move forward to achieving their goals in life.


ARM’s Scholarship Proposed Board Members – (Planning Stage)

Charles Calhoun
Louis Childers
Ulysses Finney
Maurice Roberts
Lance Randall
Robert Brown
Janet Walley
Pat Conner
Althea Buafo
Franklin Hogue
Robert Hatcher
Rudolph Patterson
Sylvia Brown
Claus Kroger
Carl Fambro
Jonathan Phillips
Roy Ficklin
Russell Boston
Renay Bloom Montreuil
Selma Stephens
Charles Releford
Buddy Greene
Bengi Griffin
Doris Wood
Derrick Phillips
Steve Williams
Jeter Thaxton


ARM – Mac Celebrity Tie-End
Your contribution to this fund will enable us to provide help for the Protégés in our program that are struggling in reading and mathematics

ARM – Mac Atlanta Hawks Day
Your contribution to this fund will enable us to provide health/nutrition assistance for the Protégés that are overweight.

ARM – Mac Recognition Night – Local Sports Games
Your contribution to this fund will help to provide uniforms for over 500 Protégés in the program.

Friends of ARM Pledges
Your contribution to this fund will sponsor one protégé for one year: training session, meals, t-shirts, two uniform sets, and overnight stay during our history tour/college visits.

Grants and Business Supporters
Your contribution will enable us to rotate over 500 Protégés through our Tuesday and Thursday classes where the Protégés will have the opportunity to bond with other Protégés from every area of our community. It will also help provide training sessions for our new parents, address some teen pregnancy issues of older Protégés, recruit new role models by inviting them to attend function with the opportunity to interact with Protégés who may adopt them as Role Models.

Robert Eley Fund
Your contribution will enable us to continue our trips and overnight stay at the Kennedy Space Center and history tour from Montgomery, Alabama to Memphis, Tennessee.

James “Baby” Lowe Fund
Your contribution will enable us to continue all the educational excursions that our dedicated role model Mr. Lowe loved and enjoyed.

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